Title: Welcome to the official website of Try To See It My Way by Dr. B. Janet Hibbs Ph.D.

Do you argue over...

Money, children, chores, sex, the in-laws?

Most problems in marriage boil down to one word—fairness. Feeling fairly treated is the key to making love last. Yet despite the fact that most of us learned to tell right from wrong by age three, many couples disagree about what's fair.
Dr. B. Janet Hibbs Ph.D.
My name is Dr. B. Hibbs and help is on the way.

I've been married for over 20 years, and have experienced many of the struggles that come with the territory. As a well-known expert in the treatment of couples, I'm in a unique position to offer effective strategies for coping with the many issues that couples face.

Try to See It My Way promises to help you discover how to build a more vital, loving relationship, because it is fairer. Read on...

The good news is that you can learn to be fair.

First, you'll need to evaluate and challenge your old ideas about what you owe and deserve. The Fairness Questionnaire can help you begin this evaluation.

If you commit to becoming fairer, your reward could be a lifetime of love.