Title: The Wives' Page

What are your top complaints about your husband? The top five couples' arguments are over money, child care, chores, sex and in-laws. What to do?

  • Each partner writes out a "Who does what" list of responsibilities. Now talk about what can change. For a complete 200 item list, turn to p. 236 in the book Try to See It My Way.
  • Write down a list of "shoulds" --what a wife should do, what a husband should do. Now talk about whether those shoulds are reasonable to expect—and whether they are fair.
  • Stop the "competitive suffering"—the who's got it harder game that no one wins.
  • Repair unfairness. Make a new deal, set new expectations, get away from blame and make claims for fairness.
  • Develop a values list about spending, then each rank your list in order of priorities. Now talk out your differences.
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